Annual Publications

Annual Publications


In the 1950s (and perhaps earlier, but with no evidence in the archives), Jim Becker, as Chairman and CEO of the firm, began to publish an Annual Stockholders Report, and have a meeting in Chicago and New York of employee-shareholders. This practice was continued when Bill Mabie became President, and then was carried for a few more years when the author joined Jim and Bill in the executive management group.  The early annual reports included personnel related information for the applicable year, but then in 1962, a separate Employee Report was initiated which separately covered personnel developments for the year and which was distributed to all employees. This practice was maintained for a number of years.

As noted in the Chronicle, in mid 1967, we issued a small brochure (which could be inserted in a legal-sized envelop) entitled A Report To Our Clients and Friends, in which we publicly published our Balance Sheet for the first time.  In mid-1969, we published a midyear review publicly addressing our clientele by groups - individuals, institutions, corporations, and investment dealers - again displaying our Balance Sheet -- on which the Equity Account had grown substantially since mid-1969.

In late 1971, starting with our financial statements for our fiscal year ended October 31, 1971, we began to publish an Annual Report and distribute it publicly.  This report also included our operating results and key balance sheet accounts for a number of past years, so the reader could see our growth.  The practice of publishing a full Annual Report with complete audited financial statements was continued through 1976. After that date, under new management, only Statements of Financial Condition were published in connection with a review of operations for the fiscal year.

Below are links to all the annual publications of the firm dealing with an annual review of operations, personnel and finances, from 1957 forward, which are stored in the firm's archives.

A May, 2018, addition to this list of annual publications, is the BTA Report to Partners for Dec. 31, 1977. This was the last Report to Partners and summarized the investment activity and results of the BTA Partnership over its nine years of life.

1957 Annual Report to Shareholders

1961 Annual Report to Shareholders

1962 Annual Report to Shareholders

1962 Employeee Review

1965 Annual Employee Review

1966 Annual Employee Review

1967 Annual Employee Review

1967 A Report to our Clients and Friends

1968 Annual Employee Review

1968 Annual Report to Shareholders

1969 Annual Employeee Review

1969 Annual Shareholder Report

1969 Midyear Employee Report

1969 Officers, Directors and Shareholders

1969 Progress Report. May 31

1970 Personnel Review

1971 Annual Employee Review

1971 Annual Shareholder Report

1971 Public Annual Report - Activities

1971 Public Annual Report - Financials

1972 People Brochure

1972 Public Annual Report

1973 Public Annual Report

1974 Personnel Report

1974 Public Annual Report

1976 Personnel Report

1976 Public Annual Report - Activities

1976 Public Annual Report - Financial

1977 Public Annual Report

1977 Report to BTA Partners

1978 Public Annual Review

1978 Report to Stockholders

1979 Employee Offer Brochure

1979 Public Annual Review

1981 Consolidated Statement

1982 Consolidated Statement

1982 Public Annual Review