William S. Kabacker

William S. Kabacker

William S. Kabacker

William S. Kabacker

August 30, 1910

Joined AGB:
1926: 1965

Primary Dept/Div:
Fixed Income

Primary Office:
Los Angeles

William (Bill) Kabacker is believed to have been born in 1910, joining Becker in 1926-7, shortly after A.G. Becker’s death. In those early years, he was one of six messengers “sardined” in a little room near the cashier’ cage in the Chicago office. When not out on the street, he dusted chairs, filled ink wells, and helped officers put on or take off their coats. He delivered notes to outlying banks for 14 cents “car fare,” and walked back to the office to pocket 7 cents – often a 3-4 mile roundtrip. Some time, perhaps in the depression, he left Becker and moved to the Los Angeles area. During WWII, he may have been in the Army. In late 1965, Bill returned to Becker and opened (reopened!) the Los Angeles office in September, 1965, and became a very successful commercial paper salesman.

Bill Kabacker is believed to be deceased but his obituary has not been located. Bill attended the 1993 Chicago Reunion. It is possible that Bill died on March 9, 1999, in Laguna Hills, CA.and, if so, he was born in Bloomington, IL in 1920 and that his wife was named Elizabeth Belfour Raymond.

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