William M. Cockrum

William M. Cockrum

William M. Cockrum

July 18, 1937

Joined AGB:

Primary Dept/Div:
Executive, Private Investments

Primary Office:
Los Angeles

As of 7/15/1977: William M. Cockrum, Los Angeles, is a senior vice president, director and executive committee member of The Becker Warburg Paribas Group and serves as The Group’s senior officer in the western U.S. He also is a vice president, director and executive committee member of A.G. Becker and a vice president of Warburg Paribas Becker. Bill is senior manager for financial, control and planning functions within The BWP Group and for investment activities. He joined the firm in 1961 and served as a commercial paper and corporate finance manager from 1963 to1971, when he transferred to Los Angeles. He received an A.B. degree with high distinction from DePauw University (1959) and an M.B.A. degree with distinction from Harvard Business School (1961).

Bill was elected a Vice-Chairman of the firm when Wender became CEO and later a member of the Policy Committee. In due course, the management group centered in the New York office. In the meantime, Bill continued to oversee the West Coast operations, the Private Investment Program and the Credit Review System. He stayed with Becker through the acquisition by Merrill, and assisted in the Becker Paribas liquidation. Within months, he was invited by the Dean of the Anderson (Business) School of UCLA to develop and teach a course in Entreprenuerial Finance. He did so and shortly received a permanent appointment. Subsequently he has taught the course for the 113th time over 34 years (as of 2017). Throughout this period, he has also operated a consulting practice serving a range of clients.

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