William (Bill) Davis

William (Bill) Davis


Joined AGB:

Primary Dept/Div:
Sales Management

Primary Office:

William (Bill) Davis joined Becker in 1926 presumably with the opening of the Milwaukee office. The primary purpose of other offices opened at that time was to extend Becker’s distribution of commercial paper and to give a boost to the distribution of other fixed income securities. Being close to Chicago, the motive to open the office might have been more to expand the distribution of the various Becker holding company securities then being underwritten along with Bill Davis’ sales abilities. At any rate, Bill apparently survived the 1929 crash, the depression of the thirties, and the war years, since Milwaukee was open all the way through to 1979, even though Rockford, Albany, Indianapolis and Roseland had been closed. Harry Leadingham took over as Manager, and Wally Krier was his Assistant Manager in 1962. Bill apparently kept his individual accounts for a period of time but retired in late 1965.

Believed deceased but no obituary located

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