Tancred V. Schiavoni

Tancred V. Schiavoni

August 20, 1927

Joined AGB:

Tank Schiavoni

Primary Dept/Div:
Private Investment

Primary Office:
New York

As of 7/16/1976. Tancred (Tank) V. Schiavoni, New York, was a vice president of Warburg Paribas Becker Inc. and manager of Becker Technological Associates. (See Investment Program Appendix C-6). Tank was born in NYC in 1927 and raised there and in Garden City, Long Island. After accelerating through high school, Tank earned, in 1949, a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University, after an interruption for service in the U.S. Army. He then took some graduate courses at NYU Business School. In 1950 he joined Hazeltine Electronics and later Airborne Instruments Laboratories. In about 1969, Tank joined Phil Greer and Wells Hardesty in the establishment of Becker Technological Associates. In 1970, with the departure of Phil Greer from Becker, Tank took over BTA, recruiting to the operation Peter Imperiale, Carl Hutman, Grant Inman, Paul Ferri, and George Thomassey.  BTA was one of the earliest investment partnerships formed singularly to invest in and support startup and early-stage, technologically based,  growth businesses.

In about 1977, the BTA portfolio was liquidated with profits to investors, as described in the Appendix C-6. After Tank left Becker, he joined Lehman Brothers Research Department to report on special investment and acquisition situations. After Lehman he joined Thompson McKinnon’s Corpoate Finance Department managing public offerings. He then joined Hutman as a General Partment in a new venture firm, “Investech,” and stayed with that firm through it’s ten year scheduled life. At its maturity, Tank elected to retire.

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