Roger O. Brown

Roger O. Brown

Roger O. Brown

Roger O. Brown

December 22, 1924

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Roger Brown was born in 1925, grew up in Chicago, graduated from Yale University in the 1940s, and then from the Harvard Busines School in 1949. He joined Becker that fall as a salesman. His first sale was 10 shares of Ashland Oil. Within a few years, he became an outstanding salesmen and showed leadership talents. He was appointed Assistant Sales Manager for the Chicago office under Harry McCosh in 1956. Then, Sales Manager and Board member in 1961. He became National Sales Manager in 1963 and a member of the Executive Committee in 1966. As noted in the Chronicle, Roger played a significant role in the origination and early development of the funds evaluation business. Roger was also responsible for the substantial growth of the high quality retail sales force in the Chicago office in the 1960s. Roger was elected a Senior Vice President in 1968 and Vice-Chairman of the Executive Committee, and provided oversight to the firm’s operations during the hectic period of 1968-71. Roger expressed the desire to retire in 1973 which was effected in early 1974. Roger officed with Levy, Harris for a few years after which Irving Harris decided to sell his investment management business to those in his leadership group. The group asked Roger to join them as President and CEO. Under his leadership Harris Associates became extremely successful. Roger retired in 1990. As of 2017, Roger and Barbara have five children, eighteen grandchildren, and four great grandchildren.

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