Robert J. Flynn

Robert J. Flynn

Robert J. Flynn

Robert J. Flynn

December 24, 1930

Joined AGB:

Primary Dept/Div:
Credit Securities

Primary Office:
New York

As of 7/15/1977: Robert J. Flvnn, New York, is vice president and manager of Government Bond Trading for A.G. Becker. He joined the firm in 1970 after six years as a bond trader with Adams & Peck and Senior Securities Corp. He received a B.S. degree from Boston College (1954).

Bob was central to the founding and devlopment of Becker’s government bond business, and the firm’s role as a reporting dealer. Bob was always hearty and upbeat, and a great story teller. Bob retired from Becker and from the business in 1983 before the sale of the firm to Merrill Lynch.

Robert (Bob) Joseph Flynn died peacefully at the age of 79 on July 15, 2010. Bob was born and raised in Newton, MA, went to school in Waltham, and then on to Boston College. He was married in 1958 and raised a family in Scituate, MA and Darien, CT. After 30 years as a government bond broker, he retired at 53. He wintered in Pompano Beach, FL. Bob’s wife, Mary Alice, preceded him in death. He was survived by five children; three sisters; five grandchildren, and many other relatives.



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