Raymond J. Ryan

Raymond J. Ryan

Raymond J. Ryan

Raymond J. Ryan

July 8, 1937

Joined AGB:

Primary Dept/Div:
Credit Securities

Primary Office:
New York

Raymond (Ray) Ryan was born in 1937, graduated from Lafayette College and the Fordham Law School. He joined the New York corporate finance department in October, 1963, shortly after the August departure of Friedlich and Glucksman. Rather promptly, Ray was moved to the commercial paper department, relieving Bill Cockrum, who had relocated from Chicago to New York to head the NY commercial paper department. Ray rather quickly took over the department leadership. Tom York joined the effort in 1965. In the next few years, Ray took on the task of coordinating new issuer development. In 1971, possibly in connection with Jack Donahue coming to New York, Ray resigned from Becker, but rejoined about a year later, coming back into the Exchange Operations Division under Fred Moss.

Ray apparently stayed with Becker until the 1984 period, after which he became an officer in a Hartford savings bank, organized a consulting practice, and then, in 1991, became President/CEO of Branford (CT) Savings Bank. He resigned in July, 1993, apparently due to uncurtailed bank losses. Nothing further is known about Ray.

Status unknown

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