Raymond C. Holland

Raymond C. Holland

Raymond C. Holland

Raymond C. Holland

February 27, 1935

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New York

As of 7/16/1977. Raymond C. Holland, New York, is a senior vice president, member of the Board of Directors, and manager of the Operations and Accounting activities of Becker Securities. He joined the firm as manager of Operations in 1969, previously having been a vice president with the American Stock Exchange. Ray received a B.S. degree from Fordham University (1957) and attended graduate school at Pace University. Ray Holland’s work at Becker over the years is well described in the Chronicle.

Ray resigned from Becker in late 1981, and joined Neuberger Berman. In the summer of 1982, Ray returned to Becker. When Becker sold the clearing business to Pershing and Speer Leeds, Ray went with the business to Pershing for six months. After that, Ray did some consulting work for a few years, then joined Chicago Corporation, and then tried retirement. In 1996, he became reacquainted with Richard Schulz of Triad Securities, helping him on a few things. Then in 1998, Ray joined Triad as Vice-Chairman and helped build the business into what is now a sizeable prime brokerage firm, where Ray is still active on a limited basis.

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