Ralph Collins Walter

Ralph Collins Walter

November 25, 1946

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As of 7/15/1977: Ralph Collins Walter, Chicago, is vice president and manager of Financial Planning, Cost Accounting and Office Services for The Becker Warburg Paribas Group. Ralph joined the firm in 1973 as assistant supervisor of Cost Accounting and previously had worked for the company for several summers while attending graduate school. He received his B.A. degree from Knox Callege in Mathematics (1969), elected PBK, received an M.A. degree in Economics from Indiana University (1971 and a D.Phil. in Theology from Saint Alcuin House (1973).

Ralph left Becker to join Jack Wing at Chicago Corporation in about 1981. He became Chief Administrative Officer of ChiCorp, and then served in a similar capacity at ABN AMRO. He then was Chairman of the Finance and Accounting Department at Northeastern University and taught Finance and Strategy. More recently Ralph joined Los Angeles based Kayne Anderson investment advisors as Vice Chairman and Advisor to the Executive Management Committee. Ralph recently gave the Indiana University College of Arts and Sciences a $6 million gift.

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