Peter Darling

Peter Darling


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London, New York

Peter Stormonth Darling graduated in law from Oxford with MA honours and served as in infantry officer in the British Commonwealth Division in the Korean War in 1951-52. He lived in Canada from 1957-1963, engaged in investment management for a company affilliated with Warburg. He became a Director of Warburg in 1967 and Vice Chairman in 1977 with responsibilities for investment management and international investment banking with emphasis on the U.S. and Canada. During this period, in 1974, Warburg with Paribas invested in A.G. Becker & Co. and Peter became a director of the Becker and Warburg-Paribas Group. From 1979 to 1992, Peter was Chairman, and from 1992 to 1998, a director of the investment division of Warburg which in 1987 became Mercury Asset Management, a separately listed compnay and the largest investment company in the UK. This companty was acquired by Merril Lynch in 1998. Peter has been a member of various boards and investment committees during his career and since 1988 has been a consultant in the investment business.

Peter is author of “City Cinderella: The Life and Times of Mercury Asset Management,” Weidenfeld & Niicolson, London, 1999.

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