Lawrence R. Kahn

Lawrence R. Kahn

About 1915

Joined AGB:

Primary Dept/Div:

Primary Office:
New York

Its a reasonable guess that Lawrence (Larry) Kahn was born and raised in the NYC area and born about 1915. Before joining Becker, Larry had been head of research at E.F. Hutton. He joined Becker in 1954, having been recruited by Vince Flett. In a short period of time he recruited some excellent analysts including Al Shapiro, Bill Earle, Don Hahn, Rory O’Neill, Jane Brett, and Bob Wilson. Larry had been head of research at E.F.Hutton. He was the President of the New York Society of Securities Analysts 1959-1960. He resigned Becker in May, 1962 to become Senior Vice President of National Securities Securities and Research. For a number of years, Larry made speeches around the country on behalf of his employer, up to 1974. After that date, there is no information as to when Larry retired and/or died.

Believed deceased but obituary not located.

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