Lawrence (Larry) Novac

Lawrence (Larry) Novac

Lawrence (Larry ) Novac

Lawrence (Larry ) Novac

October 15, 1927

Joined AGB:

Primary Dept/Div:
Invidividual Clients, Sales management

Primary Office:

Lawrence (“Larry”) Novac joined Becker in 1958 as a retail salesman in the Chicago office. He was one of many recruited by Roger Brown and put through a sales training program. In the meantime, Don Pearson became Sales Manager in the Chicago office, and Larrry joined him as Assistant Sales Manager in 1964. Don took over a new Division in 1965 at which time Larry became Chicago Sales Manager. There is no information in the archives as to Larry’s role in the firm from 1965 to his retirement.

Obituary: Believed deceased but obituary not located.

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