Kingman Douglass

Kingman Douglass

Kingman Douglass

Kingman Douglass

January 1, 1924

Joined AGB:

Primary Dept/Div:
Corporate Finance

Primary Office:

Kingman Douglass attended Yale University, interrupting his studies from 1943 to 1945 to serve in the Army infantry during World War II. He resumed his studies at Yale and graduated in 1948. He worked for Dun & Bradsteet for some years, and then the Harris Bank in 1957. He joined Becker in 1963 and led a Chicago area corporate finance new business development program in connection with which he pushed for the initiation of an advertising program highlighting Becker’s long role in midwest investment banking, and the wide range of other Becker financial services. This was a very successful campaign, as described in the Chronicle and Appendix C-5. He was a Vice President and Director of Becker. After leaving the firm in 1965, he worked for various other investment banking firms during which period he served on the boards of a number of companies and institutions. During this period, too, he rallied citizens, politicians and business leaders to support a constitutional convention to draft a new Illinois constitution and which was ratified in December 1970. He retired to California in 1981

Chicago Tribune, May 9, 2004. Mr. Kingman Douglass, 80, of Montecito, Calif., and Chicago, died Wednesday, May 5, of complications from Alzheimer’s disease at the Brentwood Nursing Home in Deerfield. He was originally from Lake Forest. After an active career in business, Mr. Douglas retired to California in 1981 and started KD Associates, a private investment counseling firm. Mr. Douglass was survived by his wife, Leslie; three sons; two daughters; two stepsons; two brothers; and 17 grandchildren.

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