John (Jack) Kugler

John (Jack) Kugler


Joined AGB:

Primary Dept/Div:
Credit Securities

Primary Office:
New York

John (Jack) Kugler was born in 1939. From about 1957, Kugler was with Salomon Brothers, becoming a partner. From about 1977 to the time he joined Becker in 1983, Kugler was with Merrill Lynch particularly overseeing their large government bond trading and marketing activities. When he joined Becker he said “…they were lacking . . . leadership on the debt side, and I got the call.” Kugler generally replaced Jack Donahue who had left the firm in 1982-3. See the Chronicle for more of the Kugler story. Kugler left Becker with the acquisition of Becker’s fixed income and investment banking business by Merrill Lynch in 1984. Kugler then worked for Drexel Burnham Lambert; Daiwa Capital Markets America; Mirror Image Internet, Inc.; and U. S. Precious Metals, until 2010. After that the author has no further information.

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