John A. Cunningham

John A. Cunningham

January 14, 1936

Joined AGB:

Primary Dept/Div:
Fixed Income

Primary Office:
New York, London

As of 7/15/1977: John (Jack) A. Cunningham, London, is vice president and manager of Eurodollar Trading Activities for A.G. Becker International Limited. Jack graduated from Northwestern University with a B.A. degree (1957). He then attended law school at Georgetown, but his studies were interrupted by U.S. Army service. He joined the Chicago Commercial Paper Department as a salesman in 1967, after a stint with C.F. Childs in NYC, and some five years with Blyth. While in Chicago, Jack brought in a major commercial paper issuer and swapped out in a Treasuries trade for most of the entire issue of a U.S.Guaranteed Ship Financing bond issue. In late 1972 Mac Skall went to London with Jack to set up an AGB Eurodollar CD trading and marketing program, operating out of the London office managed by Charlie Hale. AGB London quickly became the largest Euro CD market maker in the world; Euro commercial paper and private placements were also pioneered by AGB London.

Jack left Becker in 1980 to join Bank of America London in a senior trading position, but in 1986, left BofA to become, for four years, the Managing Director of the Gulf Bank of Kuwait. In 1990, Jack became a consultant to UBS in setting up and running a new trading operation in Tokyo. After that, Jack formally organized and managed a financial consulting firm completing various projects in Eastern Europe and the Middle East during 2000-2006, then retiring to France where he has written three novels.

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