James Poland Lewis, Jr.

James Poland Lewis, Jr.

James P.Lewis, Jr.

James P. Lewis, Jr.

January 28, 1928

Joined AGB:

Primary Dept/Div:

Primary Office:
New York

James (Jim) Lewis, Jr. was born in 1928 in Philadelphia. He joined Becker in 1958. Jim attended Yale, and prior to Becker, Jim worked in the syndicate department at Goldman, Sachs. Jim handled various managerial tasks in the NY office between his retirement in 1969, including assistant and then manager of the retail sales force, institutional sales and research management, and membership on the Board and the Executive Committee. Jim was responsible for the 1962 creation and development of the Exchange Funds business as described in the Chronicle. Jim retired to Connecticut in 1969 and renewed his education at Yale completing an AB and obtaining a Master’s Degree in Industrial Psychology from Clark University. He then worked for Flanagan and Webster for a short period and then became an independent consultant to the investment community.

James (Jim) P. Lewis Jr. died on December 22, 2010 in Oro Valley, AZ. at age 82. He was survived by his wife, Jennifer; a daughter; two sons; grandchildren; two sisters; and a brother.

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