James Ledinsky

James Ledinsky

James Ledinsky

January 19, 1937

Joined AGB:

Primary Dept/Div:
Corporate Services, Credit Securities

Primary Office:

Jim grew up in Grand Haven, Michigan and graduated from Michigan State in 1949. He then went into OCS and became a Lt. and Special Agent in the Office of Special Investigations. At the end of his term, he returned to MSU to receive an MBA in Finance, and joined the National Bank of Detroit, where he worked for Chris Christeson and the President.  He then became Assistant Treasurer of Greyhound in 1969 and joined Becker in 1971 in the Marketing section of the ill-fated Corporate Services Group. When this Group was disbanded Jim followed Roger Vasey as manager of the Commercial Paper Issuance Development Program built on the early work of Ray Ryan and Dick Frodsham.  Jim left Becker in about 1982 to join Morgan Stanley as Head of Short and Medium Term Finance Department, and then on to the First National Bank of Chicago as co-head of the Investment Banking subsidiary.  In about 1998, Jim left First Chicago to become Clinical Professor of Finance at the University of Iowa and later served as an expert witness in bankruptcy cases involving short and midterm securities.

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