James H. Becker

James H. Becker

James H. Becker

James H. Becker

December 11, 1894

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James H. Becker, Chicago, joined his father and colleagues at A.G. Becker & Co. in 1921. He worked in all phases of the business and became President in 1946. He married Hortense W. Koller, of NYC, in 1928. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Karl Koller, a well known pioneer in anesthesiology. Miss Koller was a graduate of Bernard Collage and was on the editorial staff of The Herald Tribune Sunday magazine. Mr. Becker was a graduate of Cornell University. During World War I, he served as a First Lieutenant on the General Staff, and later for 15 months was in relief work in eastern Europe. When back in the U.S. in 1920, he was appointed Director General of the Joint Distribution Committee. For further information, see various chapters in the Chronicle, particularly Chapters 8-15.

Chicago Tribune, October 21, 1970. James H. Becker, 75, died Monday in the Michael Reese Hospital. The Beckers lived in Highland Park. He joined A.G. Becker in 1921. He was elected vice president in 1925, president in 1947, and chairman of the board in 1961. His father, the later Abraham G. Becker, founded the firm in 1893. Mr. Becker is survived by his widow, Hortense; two daughters; seven grandchildren; and two sisters.

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