Harvey Vincent Flett

Harvey Vincent Flett

Harvey Vincent (Vince) Flett

Harvey Vincent (Vince) Flett

March 12, 1907

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H. Vincent (Vince) Flett was born in Nova Scotia in 1907. Post education, he worked at Sun Life Assurance for a few years as a securities research anayst and later as a manager. He joined Investors Diversified Services, Minneapolis, a major mutual fund sponsor, as an Investment Reserach manager in 1952-3. As described in the Chronicle, he was aproached by Jim Becker in 1954 to become head of an emerging research department. He turned down that offer but joined the firm in 1955 as senior Administrative Officer and internal organizational and managment to Jim Becker and his senior management colleagues. He was a member of the Board and the Advisory Committee duiring the first years of the managment succession. He was elected Senior Vice President in 1968. He groomed David Heller as head of Operations and Treasurer. He retired to Sun City, AZ in 1969 and died there in 1989.

The Arizona Republic, Saturday, January 6, 1990 H. Vincent (Vince) Flett, 82, of Sun City, a retired securities investor for A.G. Becker Investments, died December 28, 1989. He was born in Canada. Survivors include his wife, Mary; one daughter; one son; and five grandchildren.

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