Harry H. McCosh

Harry H. McCosh


Joined AGB:

Primary Dept/Div:
Sales Management

Primary Office:

Harry McCosh joined Becker in 1919 fresh out of the University of Chicago, along with Baird, Mabie, and Schaffner. Harry was a well known trackman, running the mile in the 4:20s. He was elected Captain of the team for the 1918-1919 season. Reportedly he won every race he started except one, at the age of 19. In the Penn Relays in 1919, in the last twenty yards, he edged out Princeton the final 880 of the Distance Medley. This was the feature race of the Relays. Harry went on to be a good salesman at Becker. He lived through the 1929 crash, the lean years of the depression, and served some military time in WWII. Returning to Becker after the war, he succeeded Andy Baird as Chicago sales manager, groomed Roger Brown as a successor, and became National Sales Manager in 1961. Shortly afterward, he died in 1962.

Chicago Tribune, May 16, 1962. Harry H. McCosh, 63, of Wilmette, vice president and sales manager of A.G. Becker & Co., Inc. a securities firm, died yesterday in the Evanston Hospital. Mr. McCosh leaves his widow, Harriett, and two daughters and a son.

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