Harold Ahlberg

Harold Ahlberg


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Harold (Hal) Ahlberg joined Becker in 1921. He was thus at the firm shortly before A.G. Becker’s death and attended his funeral. He was active at the firm in the 1930s and remembered Irv Sherman’s role in keeping the firm’s head above water during the depression. Hal was probably in the Operations area in the 1940s and 1950s, and active in 1958 when the author joined the firm. Hal must have retired in the early 1950s, passing on the role and title of Secretary temporarily to his then boss Vince Fllett, and then on to Nancy Osterberg.

Obituary believed to be Hal Ahlberg’s. Chicago Tribune, Wednesday, April 15, 1987. Arthur Harold Ahlberg, of LaGrange, IL died (about) April 15, 1987. He was survived by his widow Ruth; two sons; two daughters; and nine grandchildren.

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