David E. Scholl

David E. Scholl

November 27

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As of 7/16/1977. David E. Scholl, Chicago, is assistant vice president and manager of the Internal Communications Department of The Becker Warburg Paribas Group. Dave joined the organization upon graduation from college as a financial writer in the Advertising Department in 1964. He received a B.A. degree from the University of Notre Dame.Dave and associates were responsible for a range of communications services over the years, including a wide range of marketing brochures; the daily BeckerBriefs/Group Dynamics; the file maintenance of publicity clippings; the file maintenance of Becker tombstones and advertisements of promotions and organizational changes; press releases; the annual publication of the Chicago Guide; the development and formatting of Annual Reports and reports to shareholders, among other publication and communication services, internal and external.

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