C. Roderick O’Neil

C. Roderick O’Neil

February 18, 1931

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C. Roderick (Rory) O’Neil was born in 1931 on Long Island. He graduated from Princeton in 1953 and received an MBA from the University of Chicago in 1975. He worked at the Northern Trust before joining the Chicago Research Department in mid-1962. He was both an analyst and a manager. Later, he became head of research at the Manufacturers Hanover Bank, and then Chairman of the Finance Committee and Director of The Travelers Companies. In 1984, he formed an economic consulting firm with Alan Greenspan and then organized his own firm O’Neil Associates. He was on a number of corporate boards, a CFA and past president of the Institute of CFAs, and various other national, statewide and local civic and charitable organizations. He and his wife were active in the restoration of various properties in Hartford and Simsbury. His proudest achievement was the preservation of the Connecticut River waterfront in Hartford through an organization he founded, “Riverfront Recapture.” He was an avid tennis player and a licensed pilot.

C. Roderick O’Neil, age 81, died July 28, 2012, in Greenwich, CT., from complications relating to ALS. He was survived by his widow, Nancy; six children; thirteen grandchildren, and two brothers.

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